Week 14

For my photo, I was planning on getting a picture of Whirlpool galaxy. In the end, I got the whirlpool galaxy. About an hour after the sun went down we started setting up the telescope. Andrew was setting up the really big telescope and we were trying to set up the smaller telescope.We had a few difficulties in trying to set up the mount, but after a few attempts and creative ideas fro ma few peers we got it fixed.  The rest of setting up the telescope was easy. Aligning the telescope was fun because you point the laser pointer at the north star and then go to it with the telescope. Then you align it with two other stars. We got the telescope right to where the whirlpool galaxy is and took 60 pictures of it.

Camping Trip Reflection and Summary





Week 13

This week we have been preparing for our camping trip to get our shot for the  Astrophotography phase of our project. We looked at that we wanted to capture and the necessary pieces of equipment we would need in order to capture our object. My group and I chose to get shots of the whirlpool galaxy. We also went over packing lists and rules for the camping, which will take place at Lake Cuyamaca.


Astro Hitlist

Week 12

This week we have done a lot of work. On Monday we got a writing piece from the book Light by Bruce Watson. It was the introduction but it was an eye opener for how light is so important to everything.  In chemistry, we learned about the epoxy and polymerization. What we did was we got school glue and that was made up of polymers. Then had boric acid and poured them together making either slime or putty depending on how much boric acid you added. We also learned how to use different equipment for taking astrophotography pictures. For my group, we are taking pictures of the whirlpool galaxy. I had to learn about the telescope because it’s in deep space so we have to get the calibration right and it’s pretty tricky to get right.



Wonder and Curiosity about Light


Basics of Organic Chemistry



Final Landscape Photo



Week 11

This week we started on our metallic pictures. I picked one of my pictures that I had previously taken for it to be printed and become my final picture. In the time that I had free I read a book by Neil deGrasse Tyson. In the chapter, I read I learned about how on element can make up all the other elements  on the periodic table, all through different temperatures and levels of pressure



Steps that play into the creation of beautiful photography



Forged in the Stars(Composition of Stars and Elements) Review

Week 10

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we did work time and on Thursday we did a Lab with dry ice learning about atoms, liquids, gasses and solids. In humanity’s we revised our writing pieces we did based on Steinbeck’s intro to “Of Mice and Men.”

Project Work Group:

My group and I contacted various gallery spaces throughout the week. We got a response from the Liberty Public Market. We are going to begin putting up pieces from our project as soon as we get back from spring break.



Important Place Intro



Speed Limits (Speed of Light) Review

Week 9

This week we worked on our independent projects and we also did a fire lab with Andrew burning different chemicals in the dark, As a class, we noticed that each chemical we put to the gave off a different color. We also went to a gallery down in Liberty Station with a bunch of glass and metal prints of photography and looked around there. In humanities, we wrote about a place that has an effect on us.




Important Place Writing Piece



Points Of Lagrange Write-Up

Week 7

This week we started by talking about our book we read in Mike’s class. I read Cannery Row so I answered questions about the characters and the point the author is trying to get across. We then had a Socratic seminar about the American dream and about how the rich can contribute to help the poor. In chemistry, we had our first lab. We got a volumetric flask and got some reactive chemicals and with that, they let off hydrogen to fill up the balloon. We discussed water problems in California. How they are rerouting rivers from lakes and making reservoirs out of valleys that are not supposed to hold a lake.



Hetch Hetchy Writing Piece

Salton Sea – Landscape Impact


Hydrogen Balloon Reflection

Week 6

This week was about getting a lot of things done in a very short amount of time. I  had a few friends revise my fist 1000 word essay but I’m still waiting for the comments from Mike. Then I got a start on and finished my second 1000 word essay. It was sort of hard to write 1000 words about one picture in a couple of days. In chemistry, we made more emulsion paper. Near the end of the week, we printed out the negatives from our pictures that we had processed and started messing around with getting the image right. By testing different exposure times and lights that we used as well. It was short yet productive week regarding all the elements in the project.



Draft of UCSD Photo Analysis

Planning for future trips in Phase #2:

A plan that I have is to go out to Mt.Laguna and camp out there. I also wold like to out to the nearest sand dunes and experiment there.




In-Depth Process for Coating Paper