Visual Art #1


” You had so much, and now so much is gone” – Sting

Description of assignment/work:

In this assignment, my partners and I chose some images and also took some pictures using a Cannon Rebel T5i EOs 700D. The purpose was to find a lyric or quote from somewhere and be able to relate it to an image. The requirement was to put the text on the image and make it in either Photoshop or Illustrator. The materials that were required photoshop, Illustrator, quote from the internet or “Nature” by Ralph Waldo Emerson. The integration between subjects was that the skills that were learned in humanities can be applied in other subjects that require me to use graphic designing programs.

New skills learned:

New Skills I learned were how to change the size of a picture in both photoshop and illustrator. It is done by pressing control and then t. When that is done a box is put around the image and then one can make it what to whatever size is needed. I also learned what the composition of a photo is. I also learned how to make the textbox shorter without messing with the text.

Connection to class content:

The connection to the class content was that we had to choose a quote that was relatable to nature. This was asked of us because we are reading ” Nature” by R.W. Emerson. In this piece of text, there are many themes. Some of them being Nature itself, Commodity, and Beauty. Each individual person annotates their text to whatever extent was necessary for comprehension. Then These themes have been spoken about in groups and as a whole class by doing Socratic seminars once a week.

Personal reflection:

My role in completing this assignment was to change the position of the text and the details of the image in photoshop. I think that my work ethic was fine. I used my time wisely and did what was asked of me from other group members. My habits to stay on task and complete the task that put in front of me.

Current Score:



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