Nature Essay

We as humans have learned to manipulate nature because man has learned to commoditize it, Nature provides for man, and man feels entitled to change nature.

Excerpt from Essay

Description of assignment/work:  We wrote an essay about the text we had read. We had to provide an actual experience of our main idea in order to make the reader interested in reading the rest of the paper.  

New skills learned:  New skills I learned was how to order my essay so that it flows well.I also to have a good sounding intriguing essay.

Connection to class content: The connection to the class is that over the previous weeks we have been reading ” Nature ” by R.W. Emerson. As a final demonstration of the knowledge we absorbed, we were asked to write an essay about a main idea in the essay by R.W. Emerson.

Personal reflection:  I think my essay was a solid piece of work. I felt I remained focused even though I struggled on the first phase of the writing process.

Current Score: 8/10 


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