A.A.A #1


This assignment was the first of two that I would need to complete. The assignment consisted of reading an article and finding 5 vocabulary words, then identifying the thesis, next was to find 3 statements that support the thesis, and finally what you had learned from reading the article.

While reading this article I learned that the authors of this article are mayors of three very large and very culturally diverse cities in different parts of the world. I learned that opening programs that allows immigrants to participate in municipal actions and decisions allows for more things to be done in the city of which they pertain to. The article also mentions about opening a deradicalization center in Paris. Which by opening this center allows for people to come forward and seek assistance in deradicalizing themselves.

Immigration Graphic Organizer

Immigration Graphic Organizer

For this piece of work we had to create a graphic organizer according to an article we had read in class. We had to identify the thesis, give 3 main arguments from the article in our own words, and then finally find evidence from the text that supported what we had chose as our main arguments.

I learned from this piece of work that taking time to identify the thesis of the article is ok. It also taught me how to organize an argument properly.



This was the second reflection piece of the year. The prompt was about our SLC’s. It was explaining our strengths and weaknesses that we have in school.

I learned that self-reflection is important in order to identify where I lack and what I can do to get better. This reflection piece was important for me because I learned about myself.

Reflection #2

CNN Photos


For this assignment, we had document four photos each week from the times we had seen CNN photos. We had to give a description of the photo, record the date of when the photo was taken, and what details from the photo struck us.


By looking at CNN photos this year I learned how important it is to learn and stay up to date with current events. It was interesting seeing every so often what was happening around the world. I learned that an image can sometimes show more than a whole paper. The photographers sometimes are lucky and sometimes the photo is staged.