Week 2

This past week we mostly focused on portraits with and without staged lighting. On Monday we worked on taking portraits with natural lighting.  On Tuesday we built soft lighting and learned how to create the ideal dark room. On Wednesday we learned about how to find the “good side” of different types of faces and got to experiment through taking photos of our classmates. Thursday was a crazy day with many unexpected events. Some of the team was able to take headshots with the guidance of Andrew. On Friday we talked about the current events taking place in America. We also talked about the New Colossus and the Statue of Liberty. We designed t-shirts related to, “The New Colossus” poem.



Societal Dependence on the Creation and Maintenance of the Peon Class Through the Lens of First Person Accounts




“New Colossus” T-shirt





Chemical Process of Phase #1


Week 1

This week in Humanities and Chemistry we went over a few rules in photography. Those rules were light, leading lines, and the rule of thirds. For each rule, we learned we had a photo outing. We then put our favorite photos in our class digital gallery. We also went over lab safety and pseudo-science in chemistry. In humanities, we went over the connection of photography and literature.


Little 9 Rock Through Social and Technical Lenses



My image using light and different perspectives.




My image using the rule of thirds and leading lines





My image about fire safety in a lab environment.