Week 6

This week was about getting a lot of things done in a very short amount of time. I  had a few friends revise my fist 1000 word essay but I’m still waiting for the comments from Mike. Then I got a start on and finished my second 1000 word essay. It was sort of hard to write 1000 words about one picture in a couple of days. In chemistry, we made more emulsion paper. Near the end of the week, we printed out the negatives from our pictures that we had processed and started messing around with getting the image right. By testing different exposure times and lights that we used as well. It was short yet productive week regarding all the elements in the project.



Draft of UCSD Photo Analysis

Planning for future trips in Phase #2:

A plan that I have is to go out to Mt.Laguna and camp out there. I also wold like to out to the nearest sand dunes and experiment there.




In-Depth Process for Coating Paper

Week 5

This week we made more paper emulsions in chemistry. In Humanities, I got to reading more of cannery row. There was a lot of interesting things to think about when you read it. On Monday & Tuesday, I was sick and didn’t come to school. Wednesday we made more emulsion paper. On  Thursday, I continued to select my photo that I wanted to print.


Draft of Dorothea Lange Photo Analysis

UCSD Photo Analysis






Week 4

This week we had a Photoshop workshop about how to make a better black and white picture. We got into the contrast and brightness which really makes a difference. In chemistry, we talked about light and how its made.  In humanities, we are reading cannery row and also finished our first full draft of our 1000 word essay about a Dorothea Lange photo.


First full draft of Dorothea Lange Photo Analysis


This is the first B&W draft before the workshop.

This is the second B&W draft after the workshop.



Week 3

This past week we looked through photos from  Dorothea Lange who was a photographer during the Great Depression.  On Wednesday we learned about composition in photos and got to experiment by trying it out ourselves. We also set up the dark room to get ready for our upcoming experiments. On Thursday some students started the book, “Cannery Row” and continued work on our first benchmark. In chemistry, on Thursday we created our emulsion to begin work on our photos. On Friday we looked through our portraits and I was able to take some portrait photos.


Benchmark #1 Drafts

Response to Steinbeck Novel: Cannery Row


How and why did we set up the dark room? What was your role?


Describe the apparatus for photo emulsion and how it lets us do our work.